Hundred Palm Residences


The government calls for Singaporeans living in units with terse remaining leases to plan earlier and find other housing option, stated, the Ministry of National Development in response to Parliament held on Monday.

It stressed that seniors are given chance to choose, it includes  2-room flexi flats,  in short-lease basis and no exclusion period for buying.

“Occupants can seek assistance from agencies in transitioning for the new housing agreement and arrangement,” it explained further.

The statement was created in response to the query of Cheryl Chan Wei Ling, the MP of Fengshan SMC. Wei Ling asked further on the action exerted by the government to assure that community of private units will not be outnumbered for those occupants in short-term rental or foreign occupants.

To regulate the disturbance of neighborhood and protect the surroundings of private housing units, private homeowners are given the chance to lease their units for at least 3 months and a maximum of six unrelated residents only, according to the ministry.

” URA will  intensely implement against subletting arrangement  that breaks the policy and summons those atrocious  in court.”

Rivercove Residences a recent executive condominium developed located at Anchorvale Crescent,  Sengkang enclave, where accessibility is really convenience.

The developer for this renowned property won accolades because of its world-class quality in terms of commercial, hotel and housing developments. Rivercove Residences promises of the most advanced architectural features and layouts, from its luxurious facade to its competitive interiors and exceptional fittings.

Going out or traveling can never be an issue in Rivercove Residences. It is easily accessible to Sengkang and Punggol MRT stations and will bring your feet to your destination.

Visiting CBD or Central Business District (CBD) and Marina Bay Sands only consumes 15 minutes ride from Hundred Palms Residences via Central Expressway (CTE).

Incoming occupants of Rivercove Residences is just too lucky because amenities are within the sight only such as the amusement, entertainment, shopping malls, bars, restaurants and sports hubs.

Education is still a priority, where the prestigious institution is just around the area, add on it are the variously advanced hospital which is trustworthy and the most advanced in Asia.