Toa Payoh Flats


Toa Payoh Central has a great degree of attractiveness, however, what is so great about Toa payoh other than the location? What makes Toa Payoh always in limelight? Toa Payoh has always been of high value, and yet it also exhibit some qualities of ultimate convenience. Well, now you have recenter your thoughts about Toa Payoh, something is going to change and the Toa Payoh flats are going to be heated up.

Toa Payoh getting a facelift

Two new plots are being allotted in Toa Payoh for public housing projects. One of these plots which is located in the proximity of Caldecott MRT station is a 10 hectare site, and the second site which is smaller than the first is next to a monastery in Toa Payoh East. The second plot is just about is four hectare.

The total number of flats that will be available when new plots of land in Toa Payoh are developed into houses has not been revealed. However, based on the plot size, it has been estimated that the two development projects will generate 5000 new homes.

Its true that Toa Payoh will get two new housing projects, however, there is something more. Two new parks will also be built in Toa Payoh. When these parks are built, Toa Payoh will get more greenery and open space. More greenery and more space means the inhabitants will have more areas for social activities and rest.

If you have been to Toa Payoh recently, you will of course understand how badly Toa Payoh needs open space and greenery. It is really hard to get a comfortable sitting area in existing Toa Payoh parks.

Full details are not yet available, however, it is expected that Lorong 8/8A and Lorong 5 are going to be silver zones. Facilities are being added in order to make easy for senior citizens. Ramps and handrails are being added. Interesting thing about Toa Payoh is, it has very high percent of senior citizens living there. It is estimated that people above the age of 60 years living in Toa Payoh accounts for 30 per cent of the residents.

Perhaps, the facelift of Toa Payoh will also have some idiosyncrasy. We can assume that some big games will be played in this iconic place, which is popularly called “dragon playground” referring to the rest areas and public benches available in this area. Yes of course, Toa Payoh needs more open space, more greenery, more resting places, more public benches. Toa Payoh  has been in existence since 1964, which makes it the oldest housing estate. Since Toa Payoh is an old residential area, when you visti this housing district you feel like viewing a casket.

Toa Payoh is the best estate for BTO flats

BTO flats are the housing developments that is fits most of the Singaporeans. On BTO flats residents have easy access to the Orchard lifestyle hub as well as the Central Business District as these public housing estates are in the proximity of the Orchard Road. Apart from BTO housing, Toa Payoh Central is another housing district that has developed into a retail hub of its own kind. Toa Payoh offers various amenities such as shopping malls, banks and eateries.

The only bad thing about Toa Payoh compared to other housing district is its drab and run-down look. It is expected that when Toa Payoh gets a facelift, this drawback will be patched. The facelift is also supposed to develop more interest for this housing district. One of the grave issues Toa Payoh is facing now is the noisiness. When Toa Payoh gets more open space and parks, it is expected that this issue will be fixed.

Predetermined mindset about Toa Payoh still exists

During the beginning of this millennium, Toa Payoh had a reputation of being the biggest retirement village in Singapore. Some shops and eateries in this area represented 1954, as if they have been forcefully evicted from other place and settled here. Interestingly, there was no wave of hipster cafes moving into Toa Payoh as it was in Tiong Bahru.

Traditionally, Toa Payoh has been interpreted as “run down and boring,” however, HDB is going to change public perceptions about this housing district.

One of the main challenges of the future developments in Toa Payoh is how to handle the old population. Since elderly population live in limited budget, fancy malls and extravagant eateries are not an option in Toa Payoh. Similarly, developing entertainment hubs will generate more noise in already noisy place.

These issues are more concerned with “if” rather than “when”. It is expected that Singaporeans will be happy to live next to Orchard because it has potential or generate high resale value. Toa Payoh flats will receive vibrancy when more young people begin to move in this housing district.

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