Tagged as one of the property giants in Singapore, Capitaland planned to invest up to $100 million to pursue its effort in building and establishing real estate of the future. Capitaland will then set up a joint venture fund that aims to tap global tech start-ups. The new fund dubbed as C31 Ventures already commenced in the Early Stage Venture Fund III (ESVFIII) with a $15 million investment through the National Research Foundation (NRF) for local tech start-ups last May.Capitaland

C31 Ventures was affirmed by Mr. Lim Ming Yan, Group CEO and Capitaland President during a networking event recently held in San Francisco.  He further mentioned that C31 Ventures will allow Capitaland to invest on growing tech start-ups that are related and will raise value to their business.  Capitaland met with various groups of start-ups with focus on internet matters, data analytics and virtual and augmented reality sectors in San Francisco and New York. This tech-scout trip wrapped with the launch of C31 Ventures.

Capitaland is certain that C31 Ventures will rectify their endeavor for innovation, customer engagement and real estate that will support further their effort to develop interconnected and integrated small building and create an ideal experience for online and offline customers.