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The two adjoining residential areas along Canberra Drive, namely, Parcel A and Parcel B. Both plots are under 99-year leasehold, which embraces as much as 675 units per Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) record.

Parcel A measured not lesser than 13,315.3 sq m, matched with a maximum of 18,642 square metres GFA or Gross Floor Area. It welcomes as much as 220 units that stand from 40m to 35m or in five-storey.

Parcel B measured approximately in 27,566.1 sq m with 38,593 sq m GFA. It caters to not less than 455 units. The building stood as high as 50m to 35m or in five storeys, any of which that is lower.

The areas are entangled to Sembawang Road and Seletar Expressway and and just a few steps away to the newly opened station the Canberra MRT of North-South Line.

Tricia Song, the head of Colliers International research explained that Parcel A has the tendency to entice bids as many as 4-6 from smaller property developers having its standard shape plus its convenient distance to the recent functioning Canberra MRT Station. In comparison to Parcel B, which attracts lesser bids, like 3-5 but from bigger to medium developers.

“While the Parcel B is known for its bigger size but odd-shaped, plus its tail like which is thin and elongated, property developers can construct units in single loading which provides amazing overviews to low-rise housing. A huge site has a greater chance for better economy scale and provides timely and efficient amenities, ”

Parcel B site is odd-shaped and larger in size. It has an elongated thin tail land that developer can erect single loading units which will give unblocked views. A larger site can provide residents more condo facilities.



Canberra Site Parcel A and B

Both sites are entangled to Sembawang Road as well as to Seletar Expressway and just a few steps away from the newly opened station, Canberra MRT of North-South Line. Close to significant amenities such as the shopping malls around like Sun Plaza and Sembawang Shopping Centre and the visible school, Sembawang Primary School.

Parcel A and Parcel B were placed under the list of Government Land Sales reserve for half of 2020 as a 4.09-hectare single plot, which currently divided into two separate parcels available for sale over a verified list.

Dividing the large site into smaller two sites turns them more controversial and attractive to a lot of property developers, Tricia Song stressed.
It would be so exciting to witness how the said two tenders succeed considering that both areas are launched simultaneously. Usually, less competition but more of control matters most to the developers thus expecting them to bid to the two Parcel A, Parcel B, in here they best defend prices the moment these units are placed in the market soon.

Units similar to private condominium developments like Eight Courtyards which was launched last 2014, 2015 for the Nautical, 2013 for Canberra Residences sold as high as $900-$1,000 PSF since its launching until date per record.



  • Yishun MRT Station
  • Sembawang MRT Station
  • Khatib MRT Station



  • Swimming Pool@The Nautical<
  • Chong Pang Village
  • SAFTI Military Institute
  • Northpoint Shopping Centre



  • Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School
  • Sembawang Primary School
  • Yishun Primary School
  • Canberra Primary School
  • Canberra Secondary School
  • Wellington Primary School
  • Xishan Primary School
  • Yishun Town Secondary School
  • Sembawang Secondary School






The recently developed Canberra Drive New Condo A/B centre would be the first to showcase a lifestyle that is classy, decent in a very reasonable price. It is Singapore’s newest congenial lifestyle centre bragging its wellness, sports, retails, nightlife leisures, shop until you drop malls and other neighbourhood activities in one community area which have a common interest, getting involved and caring as one community.

When Canberra Parcel A & B fully developed, it is foreseen to open as many as 220 residential housing units for Parcel A and 445 units for parcel B. Expect also one of the most controversial smart transportations and the competitive education institutions that surrounds the housing sites.

As the property development levels up, the homeowners will be pampered with the following amazing expansion:

1. Canberra MRT Station -it can cater as many as 17,000 households, conveniently commuting from and to Canberra Drive New Condo via train in a span of 30 minutes only, at the same time quick access to busy Northpoint City malls, which is only a stop away from Yishun.

2. Combining of sports amenities with luscious nature is something that Singapore’s government forgot to prioritize not until, July 2018 where it divulged a plan of $1.5 billion community and sports hubs in Canberra and now called as Bukit Canberra. The hub brags the football fields which runs to about 20 football green fields or 12 hectares in total.

3. Sembawang Hot Spring Parks – For those lovers of hot spring water and onsen, the incoming Sembawang Hot Spring Parks will satisfy the homeowners for its natural spa. And the moment it opens to the public, visitors will be surprised with amazing features like cascading pool, artificial waves, foot bath, floral walk similar to Kampung and a lot of cafes.



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Canberra Drive New Condo | GLS 2020
Canberra Site Parcel A and B

The two adjoining residential areas along Canberra Drive, namely, Parcel A and Parcel B. Both plots are under 99-year leasehold, which embraces as much as 675 units per Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) record.

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