Architecture drawing

Exhibition and publication featuring 20 leading architects under the age of 45 launched.

Sharing recipes, preparing the food together and meeting up with friends on mealtimes are a few things that the seniors can enjoy at GoodLife! Makan. What was previously a void deck, has been reuse into the inventive open kitchen? Instead of using conventional gates, the scheme applies full-height glass doors. The outcome: an appealing shared space where elders can socialize and prepare their foods.

According to the Group Director of Montfort Care Ms. Han Yah Yee, “Good Life! Makan is a ground-breaking space where single elders can not only assemble to eat their foods but also to assist. Nowadays on everyday basis, a total of forty single elders join in the centre events and we have also observed that many of them are offering themselves in preparing foods.

Mr. Seah Chee Huang designed the area in respect of how to draw the seniors into the society. Mr. Huang, together with nineteen other prominent designers below the age of forty-five, have showed a solid social realization in their projects, as demonstrated in ‘20 under 45: The 3rd Edition’ publication and exhibition.

Second Minister for Finance and Minister for National Development Mr. Lawrence Wong presented the publication and demonstration showing the architectural projects of these gifted architects nowadays. It was assisted by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and a board of industry academics and professionals, the display will be started on December 1, 2017 and will ended on January 31, 2018 at The URA Centre. The choosing of architects and their designs depend on their total accomplishments in architectural ideas, designs and summary of works.

Environmental awareness and inclusivity reflected in design approach

These designers have helped on shaping a unique and extremely habitable city. Their projects are consecrated not only by their inclusivity and social awareness, but also their environment-friendly and bearable method. An example of that are the ITE College Central and ITE Headquarters at Ang Mo Kio that was designed by Mr. Lawrence Ler. Instructors, students and the community can simply direct through the site and meeting up in compartments of public areas as buildings of the school are attached seamlessly by a central circulation spine. Associated with wide green walls, luxurious landscapes and a nonstop sunshade, it gives a useful and cool atmosphere for studies and communication.

The combination of vegetation, and ventilation and natural light to improve people’s involvements and construction performance, can also be found in other designs. For example, Agape Village, constructed by Mr. Ho Tzu Yin, lead both of Catholic services and their organizations towards its pocket gardens and green verandas on each level. Activities can extend outside because the green areas are available from the quarters. Series of windows draw in natural light while louvered skylights maximize cross-ventilation. The private houses that was designed by Mr. Khairudin Saharom also adopt greenery. The family home ‘Maya’ which is one of them, contains a “landscape valley”, a carved-out innovation that carries natural light, ventilation and luxurious plants to the basement.

As stated by the Chief Executive Officer of URA Mr. Lim Eng Hwee, “These twenty designers have helped on our emblematic architecture. Their community-centric and delicate environmental approach to scheming our built environment contributes towards our vision for a unique and habitable city. I am expecting to see more imaginative projects from them to motivate the upcoming generations of architects, and improve our quality of life”.

Gratitude for local architecture

In combination with the exhibition, the designers will distribute their works and philosophies with the community in a sequence of discussions.

To raise more the consciousness of and gratitude for design quality and local architecture, a new Archi-Model Centre is also now in the development of making it. It is open to the all where guests will be able to glance the list of publications and local books at the architectural public library, while a devoted gallery in the location will display projects by small, medium and up-and-coming practices. The centre will be situated at the URA Centre ground level and is scheduled to be completed by 2018 of July.


About ’20 under 45’

The ‘twenty under forty-five’ series demonstrates the projects of twenty talented architects, under the age of 45 recorded in Singapore.

A creativity under the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), its intention is to offer a platform for new designers to distribute their contributions and ideas in making excellence urban places. It also helps to endorse a lively expert architecture design community by acknowledging the gifted young designers in Singapore.

’Twenty under Forty-five: The 3rd Edition’ is the 3rd exhibition. The opening of the ’20 under 45’ exhibition, with its associated publication, was inaugurated in 2004, and the 2nd exhibition in 2010.