Tengah TownAmidst the extension of the famous Tengah Air Base, the competent builders are positive that the public still considers acquiring a place in Singapore’s advance and newest HDB estate, says the Today online.

The Analysts claimed that noise produced from the aircraft around Tengah Town will be reduced since the expansion of the air base is in the westbound direction, which means distant from those residential property developments.

Nicholas Mak , the head of SLP International Research explained the output of building upcoming town is anticipated to be less because the estate marks the lowest number of civilian populace of all Singapore’s  program areas.

The responses of Tengah Town’s property development prices would appear to be regulated because the land is converted for military use rather than commercial or residential property purposes, reiterated by Chris Koh, the International Director.

However even with the expansion of Tengah Air Base, still a must for the government to get back the land which is utilized as a nursery, over two fish farms and graves in the cemetery of Choa Chu which reach to 80,5000.

The excavation is anticipated as the second biggest that ever happened in Singapore over 20 years, following that incident when 126 graves that were uncovered right in Biddari Cemetery during the years between 2001 to 2006  just to give chance in building residential property.

Nonetheless, the government will close some parts near the road to  Lim Chu Kang because of the development. This simply implies for a longer time consumption to those that need to go in the northern part such as heading to Neo Tiew Road, also the road going to Sungei Buloh, shared by Ku Swee Yong, the CEO and International Advisor on the property.

In the coming years, if you plan to visit Neo Tiew coming from Jurong, then there is a possibility for you to travel a long long way, traveling heading there would be harder and this can bring some impact to the surrounding business of the area like the restaurants and farms.

Given that property needs to be surrendered to the government at earliest possible date, Ku  requested the government for farmer’s consideration in computing for land compensation.

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