Singapore MRT


Singaporeans are overwhelmed and contented with the services of the transport system, especially the public system which is considered to ranks number 1 globally, per a report by the famous consulting firm, the McKinsey.

The June publication of Elements Of Success: Urban Transportation Systems Of 24 Global Cities, commends the transport scheme’s efficiency and affordability.

It won a satisfaction rating of 86 percent from the rest which is surveyed with the entire public transport condition in Singapore.

The residents are so grateful and happy for their new transport system, how it improved since last year up to date – they are contented on 13 out from 14 aspects investigated,” told the report, on top are electronic facilities like the trip planners which are enjoyed by a lot of Singaporeans.

The 24 top cities studied covers also Shanghai, New York, Seoul and London. These were selected according to level of economic development, data availability, size and transportation system characteristics.

Four among them, Hongkong, Berlin, Singapore and Shanghai were selected based on their transportation system which is rated excellent by the external credible institution like the TomTom Traffic Index.

The availability of transportation, sustainability, efficiency, convenience and affordability are considered the five metrics that gauge the transportation systems.

Based on the categories mentioned the transport system of Singapore was among the globe’s top 10. Actually, its ticketing and affordability are its edges to stay on top.

The report revealed, “If we are to draw the idea for a typical transport system, it will equal that in Paris, as economical as in Singapore, where public transportation is at low-cost though high barriers over car management, as competent as in Seoul, as comfortable as that of Toronto and as sustainable and safe as that of Hongkong.”

It cited a good review and new remedies introduced in Singapore way back 2013 as a big leap heading to affordability.

The remedy includes a 15 percent discount for low wage earners, free ride for children and seven more concessions enjoyed by millions of commuters, the report published.

It is also revealed that flexibility and convenience in terms of the ticketing process as another “plus factor feature,” and attributed to the ez-link card.

The study has a random survey of 400 people in 24 cities, where respondents sync with the age-gender ratio to the selected city.  It questioned them about the impact of the transport system and the improvements they have felt over the past three to five years.