Normanton Park Pool 1
Normanton Park Sold more than 600 units on preview day at average $1750psf 2

Approximately a third of the residential units sold at Normanton Park on the first day of sales were sold at an average of $1,750 psf, developer Kingsford Huray Development.

80 percent of the 600 residential units sold are one- and two-bedroom units, a press release said. Three industrial units have been taken up as well.

The development, which is scheduled to acquire the Temporary Occupancy Permit (TOP) in 2023, consists of 1,840 apartment units, 22 terraced two-storey strata units and eight business units.

Kingsford added that most of the purchasers are citizens of Singapore and permanent residents (PR) who are buying for own stay or for rental purpose.

The last mega project to be unveiled for a while is possibly Normanton Park. During its 13-day preview this month, amid the intense rain during the first two days, its exhibition gallery saw a heavy attendance of some 12,000 guests.

For the initiative, Kingsford was hit with a no-sale license for almost two years for failure to satisfy the sales license criteria.

According to the website of the URA, this was lifted on Nov 30, following which a sales permit was given.