Clement Canopy Landscaping

New home sales rises more than 3 times that in 2016 as developers push out their projects as demand surge. There's a total of 997 units sold as compared to January with only 382 units transacted. 

The Top selling condo was Clement Canopy which sold a total of 207 units out of 250 released units at an average of $1,343psf. The second best selling was Parc Riviera, follow by The Santorini with 200 and 51 units sold respectively. Parc Riviera has a sudden surge of interest after buyers compared to The Clement Canopy.

These encourgaing sales figures reinforce the current market sentiments that potential buyers are still on the lookout of good buys on the market, especially developments with strong attributes with attractive pricing. 

In the executive condominium sector, there's were a total of 329 units sold in february 2017 with Sol Acres topping the chart with a total of 82 units sold follow by The Terrace and The Visionaire.