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Margaret Drive New Condo Site


Margaret Drive new condo site is released as part of 1st half 2024 Government Land Sales program with the tender expected to be concluded in May 2024. With a plot ratio of 4.2, this site at Margaret drive can potentially build 460 units.

Located in the Queenstown area, the Margaret Drive site awaits, promising a 0.95-hectare canvas for approximately 460 homes. This site will be the first land sale in the area since 2017, when Stirling Residences site at Strling Road drew 13 bidders, achieving a record land rate for Queenstown estate.

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Margaret Drive new condo site is located at Queenstown enclave and living in this central area, offers a living experience that’s intertwined with Singapore’s developmental story. This historical aspect adds a unique charm to the neighborhood, distinguishing it from newer, more generic parts of the city.

One of the most significant advantages of living in Margaret Drive is its central location. It’s just a stone’s throw away from the city center, providing the perfect balance between urban convenience and suburban tranquility. This makes it an ideal location for professionals who work in the city but prefer a quieter residence.

Margaret Drive area boasts superb connectivity. The Queenstown MRT station, located nearby, provides easy access to various parts of Singapore. Additionally, the area is well-serviced by a network of buses, making commuting hassle-free.

Margaret Drive site offers a variety of housing options, from public housing (HDB flats) to upscale private condominiums. This diversity makes it a suitable living area for a wide range of residents, from young professionals to families.

The neighborhood is well-equipped with amenities. Shopping centers like Anchorpoint and Queensway Shopping Centre offer a range of retail and dining options. Additionally, the nearby IKEA Alexandra is a boon for residents looking for home furnishing solutions.

The area is surrounded by several green spaces, including HortPark and the Southern Ridges, offering residents a natural escape for relaxation and recreational activities. These parks are ideal for jogging, cycling, or leisurely strolls, contributing to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The vicinity of Margaret Drive is home to several reputable schools, making it a favorable location for families with children. The presence of educational institutions from primary to tertiary levels ensures that children have access to quality education within a convenient distance.


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Lifestyle Living in Margaret Drive New Condo Site, Queenstown Enclave

As part of Queenstown, Singapore’s first satellite town, Margaret Drive is steeped in rich history and culture, offering a unique living experience. The area’s heritage is reflected in its blend of old and new architecture, providing a sense of continuity and cultural richness.

Despite its historical background, Margaret Drive enjoys all the benefits of modern urban living. It is located near key amenities like shopping malls, including Anchorpoint and Queensway Shopping Centre, offering residents easy access to a wide range of retail and dining options. The nearby IKEA Alexandra also adds to the convenience for home furnishing needs.

Living in Margaret Drive means enjoying excellent connectivity to the rest of Singapore. The Queenstown MRT station, along with efficient bus services, ensures easy and quick access to various parts of the city.

The neighborhood maintains a strong sense of community, with regular events and activities fostering social interaction among residents. This community vibe adds a layer of warmth and belonging to the area.


Potential of the Margaret Drive GLS Site

This anticipation of growth makes Margaret Drive not just a great place to live but also a wise investment for the future with its centralized location that is near to the city. A drive to the city LIke Orchard Road takes you less than 10 minutes.

Margaret Drive site in Queenstown strikes a perfect balance between historical allure, modern conveniences, lush greenery, and a vibrant community, making it an attractive and strategic choice for residence in Singapore.

With high demand yet a low supply of new condos in this area, this will be expected to be a sellout project.



SiteMargaret Drive
Land UsageResidential (Non Landed)
Site Area0.95ha
Planning AreaQueenstown
Estimate Units460
Plot Ratio4.2


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Margaret Drive new condo
Margaret Drive New Condo Site

Margaret Drive new condo site is released as part of 1st half 2024 Government Land Sales program with the tender expected to be concluded in May 2024.

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