Singapore HDB flats

Singapore HDB flats

Regardless of the several groundbreaking solutions, the Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP) might not be executed to 150 HDB blocks, together with the six blocks in Hougang, because of prices or technical restraints, exposed by the Ministry of National Development in Parliament August 1 (Tuesday).

Presented in 2001, LUP purposes to offer direct lift contact to flats while improving suitability for residents, mainly the elderly and less mobile.

The ministry mentioned that “there were over 5,300 HDB blocks where not completely housing units have direct lift contact” at the beginning of the program. Thus far, about 1,000 blocks were found to be unattainable for LUP.

To help flats in the troubled blocks get direct lift contact, HDB accepted several technical solutions. A part of the solutions that have been executed effectively consist of “lifts that don’t have a machine room at the upper portion of the shafts (such as machine room-less lifts), making of recent access ideas to residents’ homes, as well as the value of smaller “home lifts””.

Nevertheless, while the clear common of the 5,300 blocks have helped as of the program over the years, there residues around 150 blocks where the LUP is still unachievable.

“Residents living in the following blocks who are in vital necessity of direct lift access because of disability or medical conditions may request and approach HDB for financing and housing assistance,” said the ministry.

“HDB will check each appeal on a case-by-case basis to understand how best to provide help.”