Kingsford Waterbay has a total of 1,165 units which include two semi-detached strata homes, six strata terraces, six retail units and a childcare center. It has sold 40% out of 320 units that was launched over the weekend based on media reports. With a price range from $1,050 up to $1,180 psf.

According to a report, the developer has sold six retail units which has a price of $2,700 psf, two semi-detached strata house and a strata terrace. It was the 2-bedroom units that are in demand according to Cui Zhengfeng, Development Board Chairman since it has the view of the beautiful Kallang Riverside. Chairman Zhengfeng also added that most of those who availed the units were Singaporeans.

Kingsford Waterbay

The developer has attained a 3-digit sale within the day for Kingsford Waterbay which is “quite good” according to consultants despite the bland market. Attractive pricing contributes to the success of the launch according to R’ST Research Director Ong Kah Seng, and some may be attributed to the warm response of the appealing agent commission. In addition to this, Ong also added that most of those who availed intended to be owner-occupiers rathen than pruchasing to lease.

Asked about his next move, Chairman Cui Zhengfeng said that he need to check on the condition of the market demand first as it may greatly affect their future launches.

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