Jumbo HDB Flat

Jumbo HDB Flat


During the 1990s, flats in Woodlands and Yishun were overabundant. This overabundance is not very surprising, though. Back in the 90’s when you walked to the nearest 7-11, it would be considered as passing SAF jungle survival course. In order to address the issue of overabundance, the unsold units were combined into jumbo flats by the HDB. These jumbo flats were made available in Woodlands, Yishun and Jurong.


What are HDB Jumbo Flats?

It has been already mentioned that the jumbo flats are available in the estates such as Woodlands, Yishun and Jurong East. The jumbo flats are made by combining two HDB flats, usually 3-room or 4-room flats. These jumbo flats can be understood as an experimental residential unit for the sandwiched class. In other words, they are pretty similar to Executive Condominiums or DBSS flats.

The floor area of Jumbo flats range is between 1,442 sq ft and 1,830 sq ft. Since two flats make one Jumbo flat, you can interpret Jumbo flats as “7-room flats.” Jumbo flat also has a balcony. There are 485 Jumbo units in Yishun and Woodlands combined, therefore, they are considered rare. However, it is still possible to find a Jumbo unit for sale.


Why there is a need for a jumbo flat?

Space: You can begin with inspecting the area. See how big it is. They will rarely hit an iceberg and sink. Normally, the wide range of advantages that can be found in Jumbo flats is not available in traditional HDB houses. You buy a pricey condo and still, you are compromising with space. However, this is not the case with jumbo flats.

Therefore, if you want your house to be spacious, jumbo flats are the most appropriate option. For a jumbo flat, you also have better financing option. Since jumbo flats are HDB properties, you can get HDB loan and there is no need to go for a private bank loan. HDB loan can give you up to 90 percent financing.

Home for a joint family: If your family is a joint family or multi-generation family, HDB has answered your prayers through the Jumbo flats, now the entire members of the joint or multi-generation family can accommodate under the same roof.  Whether you are living with your parents or you are sharing the flat with the in-laws, you can lessen the financial burden by sharing the financial burden of loan repayment. When the two families, living in the same jumbo flat, pay loan instalments, life will be fairly manageable. The jumbo flat is two flats for the price of one.

Jumbo flats can be themed homes: If you are looking for a themed home such as Shabby Chic, Industrial, French Cottage and such more, there is so little thing to do in a common HDB unit. Claustrophobic-chic seems to be the only consistent theme in most of the HDB units.

Jumbo flat gives unlimited options. With such a large space that you can work on, you will be able to apply any themes you want, you may even have different themes in the different living area. This option to have different themes will make your home aesthetically pleasing. It will even have positive impacts if you want to rent one of two rooms.

Proper value for the property:Jumbo flats give you good returns. Scarcity is also one of the reasons why your jumbo flat will give you good value. Similar to the million-dollar maisonettes, jumbo flats are also scarce, which make then resistant to downturns. When the property is listed for sale, a buyer will always be there to buy it.

Since it is very unlikely that jumbo flats will be created in the future, in case there are no drastic changes in the housing supply, jumbo owners get good profits the long term.


Developments with Big Unit Ideal for family stay

A must own stay for everyone is Gramercy Park, located at Grange Road. This development is ideal for both own stay and investment. Units size are pretty decent. 2+1 is about 1200sf, 3 bedrooms about 1800sf and 4 bedrooms about 2200sf which is quite rare for development with this sizes and configuration. On top of that, prices and transaction pickup in the core central region. It will serve as a good investment too over next few years.

Another development for thought is Goodwood Grand which is located at Balmoral Road. This development has got 2 and 3 bedrooms configuration with pretty decent size and layout too. On top of that, this development has got strata house that span 3 storey high with basement.

If you desire even bigger size unit for your family, you might have to consider cluster house, which normally span 3 storey high with basement and private lift. One good development to consider is Belgravia Villas, located at Ang Mo Kio Mature estate in a quiet landed enclave. Price starts from $2.5xm for star buy unit to about $3m.