Hill House

Hill House Condo transacted 12 units over the weekend with an average price per square foot of $2,980. Located on Institution Hill, just off River Valley Road, is the 72-unit, 999-year leasehold apartment.

Based on these numbers, the Hill House take-up rate is 16.67%. Given that we went forward with the sales preview of the project despite the present holiday season, the take-up rate fulfills our objectives,” says Joan Chang, director of Macly Group.

Chang notes that the purchasers represented a wide range of demographics, including young families, those looking to upgrade, and those looking to invest in the future by purchasing on behalf of their offspring. Some purchasers may want to occupy the property themselves, while others may be eyeing it for potential rental income. Thus, she explains, there was a healthy balance of owner-occupants and investors among the purchasers. The majority of the purchasers were Singaporeans, although there was also one buyer from outside of Singapore.

Hill House is a luxury boutique project for two outstanding District 9 residential properties at 10A and 10B Institution Hill. In February of 2021, a group led by Macly Group (who has a controlling interest) and including Roxy-Pacific Holdings and LWH Holdings acquired all three properties for $33.6 million.

Hill House Arrival

Hill House Arrival

Forty of the units are one-bedroom or one-bedroom with study layouts, with square footage ranging from 431 to 452 feet. Eight of the apartments are three-bedroom layouts at 753 square feet, while the other 24 units are two-bedroom layouts of 624 square feet.

Units are available for sale for a starting price of $1.291 million ($2,995 psf) for a one-bedroom, $1.351 million ($2,989 psf) for a one-bedroom with study, $1.778 million ($2,849 psf) for a two-bedroom, and $2.097 million ($2,785 psf) for a three-bedroom.

Among District 9 developments, Mark Yip, CEO of Huttons Asia, cites Hill House as being “one of the most enticing projects considering its quantum pricing.” Some potential buyers delayed purchasing a new house because they were busy making plans for the end-of-year holidays. Some investors have been lured away from longer-term investments into shorter-term products like Singapore Treasury notes, which return 4% per year, says Yip.

Yip notes that first-time purchasers at new project launches aren’t as worried about increasing interest rates since their loan drawdown is based on the progressive payment arrangement for a project still in the works. As of the third quarter of 2026, Hill House is still unfinished.

According to Chang of Macly Group, the developer is confident in Hill House due to its enviable hilltop position, 999-year lease, and wellness-focused, environmentally conscious design.

Macly Group and its JV partners have extensive experience in the prosperous River Valley neighborhood of District 9. The Iveria, a 51-unit boutique condo also built by Macly Group and LWH Holdings, is located just across the street, on Kim Yam Road. Based on caveats submitted as of this writing, the whole freehold development that launched in January 2019 has been sold for an average of $2,582 per square foot.

However, 16 months after its debut in January 2019, Roxy-Pacific Holdings’ 140-unit RV Altitude development farther up River Valley Road is likewise completely sold out. URA Realis reports that the average price per square foot for the freehold development is $2,776.

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