Biltmore residences

Some great news for Singaporeans who have the big heart for dogs! Cheers! Because beginning August 15, Wednesday, the residents over public housing are given the chance to adopt a veteran service dog under a project called as ADORE. This is part of the one -year pioneering project under ADORE.

The project ADORE launched way back 2012 just to examine the reaction and effects of hound’s presence around Housing and Development Board (HDB), along with the keen safeguards around the area.

This new program started its expansion via pilot basis last June 2018, to permit the dog handlers from units of Singapore Civil Defence Force K-9,  the famous SAF Military Working Dog Unit (MWDU) and Singapore Police Force occupying in HDB units to foster the dogs.

There were at least fourteen sniffing dogs given a new family under this program, which will be turned into “forever ” in August 15, told the Home Affairs, Defence and National Development Ministry during the press release, August 13, Monday.

To know and get more potential family or individual who will adopt dogs, the program will be stretched down to the residents of HDB flats in a one-year trial test.

It is same also with the process of adoption of MWDU officers and K-9, good candidates will under the period of screening. It involved some procedure that will inspire the community to accept and adopt dogs such as placing microchipped to avoid abandonment and creating mediation channel to manage future disputes if ever there is.

All foster family or individuals are compelled to abide by the Code of Responsible Behaviour and ownership requirements per the mandate of the Ministry of National Development.

All adopters will be required to comply with the ownership conditions and the Code of Responsible Behaviour as set out by the Ministry of National Development.

” Observations revealed that residents were more receptive over to the visibility of huge dog breeds around the neighbourhood provided owners are responsible enough and there is a proper forum for mediations when a dispute arises,” stated by the press release. Adding to that, project ADORE is getting positive impact from the residents.

August 13, Monday, one post reported,  Sun Xueling, the Senior Parliament Secretary of National Development and  Ministry of Home Affairs shared that the output of this new applied system will be assessed and reviewed 2019.

Sun Xueling added, “Our great sniffer dogs served our land excellently thus doing a big role in country’s safety and security. They deserved a family, love and care when they will turn senior and needs to retire from their unwavering duties and responsibilities.”