SG investmentsSingapore’s overall property investment sales increased from S$3.63 billion in first quarter to S$6.02 billion in second quarter, a record of 65.7% increased for the first half of 2015, Savills reported to media.

This moved the figure for the H1 2015 to S$9.65 billion, a 5.7% up from the S$9.13 billion posted in second quarter of 2015 and 10.8% higher compared to S$8.71 billion listed in the same period of 2014.

The 65.78% of the total investment sales for second quarter accounted to commercial sector, while the S$1.62 billion transaction volume of residential segment, slightly clinched a 26.91% share in the overall investment.

For the industrial segment, sales of property investment decreased by 33% to S$441.8 million on a quarterly basis, contribute only 7.3% of the overall transaction volume.

According to Savills, Singapore’s commercial sector was clearly the top performer in Q2 with S$3.96 billion worth of properties transacted.

Most commercial development in Singapore property such as GHS Plaza and Crown @ Robinson have become the new target of speculators.