Merlion in Marina BayAfter operating from Hong Leong Building for 30 years, Singapore branch of Knight Frank left its old office in December. Knight Frank, an independent global property consultancy, has agencies in various countries.

Knight Frank Singapore’s office was in situated in Hong Leong Building, on the 30th floor, for 30 years. The moving of Knight Frank Singapore was shot in a video. In January, the video was uploaded on YouTube. In the video we can see the receptionists of Knight Frank Singapore Anne and Irene Law bursting into tears as they exit Hong Leong Building. Anne and Irene Law, the twin sisters, had been receiving the visitors at the front desk for more than 10 years.

In the video we can see executive chairman of Knight Frank Singapore watching the office area for a long time, and switching the lights off and locking the door. The executive chairman’s sad moment brought tears in many eyes. Tan Tiong Cheng, 66, joined Knight Frank Singapore in 1986 in the capacity of managing director. Interestingly, Knight Frank Singapore shifted to the Hong Leong Building in the same year.

“When Knight Frank Singapore shifted to Hong Leong Building, the location was very attractive,” said Tan when he addressed to his staff while moving. “Thirty years ago, from this spot at Raffles Quay, you could view the port as well as the airport, however, today, everything is blocked.”

The Hong Leong Building, which is owned and developed by the Kwek/Quek family, is 45-storey tall commercial building situated at Raffles Quay. The Hong Leong Building, a subsidiary of Hong Leong Group, was completed in 1976. The developer of the Hong Leong Building, the Kwek/Quek family, is the owner of Hong Leong Group and one of richest families in Singapore. For couple of decades, Hong Leong Building has remained a major landmark in the CBD, in Singapore.

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