Parkwood Collection Living Room

One of the drawbacks of living in condominiums is you don’t have your own compound. There are of course gardens and parks in the condominium, however, you don’t get privacy in these areas as you have to share the space with the dwellers of the condominium. Condominiums are tall buildings and they are populated by hundreds of people. Because of this, you will have to live in a crowd.

Apart from skyscraper condominiums, you also have the option to live in semi-detached houses or cottages. Cluster developments offer a good living. You will have multi-floor homes. Even though the houses are adjoined, you will have your own front yard and back yard.  Houses in cluster developments are of a hybrid type that has been designed to suit the necessities of a family.

The best part, a cluster house has the best of both worlds for residents who want a landed housing yet still enjoy the condo facilities at their doorstep. Most of the cluster house is also elderly-friendly with private lift access that serves every level.

Some of the star buy cluster housing include Parkwood Collection, TK One, Whitely Residences and Belgravia Green.