house hunting

Children and house hunting? They don’t absolutely go together. But if you’re this near to catch your ideal estate, and you’ve be out of trying to get your parents/fellow workers/friends to take care of your kids, there’s nobody else to do but to take your kids on for a joyride.

Can’t figure out the thought of having to juggle your kids while house hunting? You would be better bring your a-game, since there’s no more depressing to sellers than misbehaving, noisy children and parents who let them rush without a care in the world.

Need to learn how to bring your kids to behave properly, so that you don’t end up annoying the proprietor of your probable new home? Here’s how:


1. Tire them out the night before/h2>

Teaser Pic: Tired Children

The night earlier you go house hunting, call off their bedtime and let them stay awake till all hours however late they want. The following day, they’ll perhaps be sleepy and taking naps all over the whole day. As soon as you reach a new house, just deposit them over the couch, make sure they’re relaxed and comfortable, and then continue to tour the house with no worry. Mission accomplished! Less hassle.


2. Bribe them

Teaser Pic: Kid smiling while eating

But not with candy and sweets– because they will eat it immediately, they’ll more than probably become even more hyper due to the sugar haste. You surely don’t want them to run around the house leaving the annoying sticky fingerprints around the furniture!

Instead, tell them that at the end of the day, you will take them to their favourite restaurant and that they can eat and order everything they want – as long as they will behave well all over!

3. Involve them in the process

Teaser Pic: Little Girl Smiling

Encourage your child to ask questions to the property holder about the house, and let them to look around the room that would possibly be theirs.

WARNING: this is best suitable to well-behaved and matured kids. If your kids have the tendency of getting too attached to places or people, don’t do this and unintentionally cause a scene where your kid is point-blank asserting that you buy the place instantly.

4. Trick them with an puzzling game

Teaser Pic: Man counting finger

“Hey, kids, I bet you cannot count how many squares are there in the lounge. I even couldn’t get it correctly, it’s certainly tricky!”

Your kids will definitely spend a good half hour gazing around, glancing their eyes, and debating along if the coffee table with round ends still counts as a square.


5. Pit them against to each other


Teaser Pic: Lady snapping finger

Don’t ever underestimate on how wise and competitive kids can get.

Tell your kids that the proprietors said that his kid look like a quiet kid and well-behaved, but that your kid seems like they would be hard to handle. Then whisper to them in a low voice telling, as if in assurance, that you totally know that’s certainly not true, because they’re super behaved too.

Rinse and repeat to though several kids are present – and see as they miraculously transform into very good children who will never make a peep.


6. Let them borrow your tablet /  phone / other electronic device

Teaser Pic: Little girl on phone

If all these fails… you already know what to do.

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