7 homeowners share the most important factor that influenced their BTO vs resale decision

If you’re figuring out of whether to get a resale flat or BTO, there are a lot of resources and articles out there that can support. It’s a mutual decision that several first-time property holders deal with – and we spoke to seven of these property holders who expose the key factor that inclined their BTO vs resale choice.

The waiting time:

“I think it’s a pretty clear decision, but then I and my fiancé didn’t want to wait and pause for about 3 to 5 years before transferring into our flat – so we chose to get a resale flat. Meant for individuals in my age bracket, I guess this is pretty usual– it’s partners that get together indeed early on who choose to get BTOs.”

Josiah, 32, purchased a resale flat.

The location:

“Location is the whole lot to me – and I knew exact off the bat that I would consider somewhat live in a mature estate, although it means I have to pay additional. I mean, having nearby Melben Seafood and a lot more wonderful food places just in walking distance? That is absolutely priceless!”

Jason, 28, purchased a resale flat.

“We desired to stay near to my parents, so that we can be close in the time of any emergencies or tragedies. That automatically governed out all the BTO choices.”

Dorothy, 29, purchased a resale flat.

The affordability:

“I and my fiancé have a shared account that we use for investing, and we are really thoughtful about this. I would tell this is the key factor that inclined our choice – we would somewhat get an inexpensive BTO, so that we have extra cash on hand to stay on investing.”

Joshua, 27, purchased a BTO flat.

“We propose to have kids in the following year or so, and as soon as that happens, I’ll perhaps be taking a leave from work. Since this would mean we’ll be persisting on just my husband’s income for an undecided period of time, we chose to err on the cross of carefulness, and go for somewhat cheaper.”

Jasmine, 30, purchased a BTO flat.

The “clean slate”:

“My husband is just a slight OCD when it comes to the furnishings and design of a home, and he kept on pointing out the entire things that required to be fixed with the resale units that we were looking for. Sooner or later, we chose that it would be convenient to get a BTO flat, so that I and my partner would be staring from a fixed and clean plan.” 

Nicole, 29, purchased a BTO flat.

The layout:

“We sense that the new BTO flats are well-designed a much better than the old flats. Just one thing, it is most suitable to have the shared toilet closer to the bedrooms, as different to being reachable only through the kitchen. Likewise, having a unified garbage dumping outside the unit benefits with hygiene and cleanliness.”

Guo Ming, 28, purchased a BTO flat.

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Inexpensive ways you can elder proof your HDB flat

With Singapore’s residents ageing at a fast step, it’s not unusual to see employed adults living with their parents. If you are one of the several people who are presently living with your ageing parents, check out our succeeding guidelines on how to elder proof your homes/ HDB flat, as well as manage it as elderly-friendly as possible.

1. Keep electrical cords well-ordered

If you’re everything similar the typical Singaporean, you have much of devices that need charging, then as an outcome, many electrical cords lying everywhere. Ensure that these are secured and covered, keep them out of the way and keep it neat so that you won’t cause your ageing parents to trip and drop.

2. Buying appliances that turn off automatically

Absent-mindedness and forgetfulness come certainly with old ages, so do what you can to avoid accidents that may ascend because of this. For example, instead of having your elderly parents deal with a stovetop kettle, just buy an electric kettle that will switch off automatically as soon as the water has boiled.

3. Provide suitable lighting

Your ageing parents might have glaucoma, cataract, long-sightedness, or all of the above – therefore make their lives as easy and convenient as possible by safeguarding your home is fine-lit. In exact, install bedside lamps in their own bedroom so they will not be requiring to pass through the room in dimness just to switch on the lights.

4. Suit your bathroom with emergency aids

The dangers of having your ageing parents fall and slip in the shower are truly possible – so be ready for this situation by equipping your bathroom with emergency aids like call bells. These aids can come in the form of any pull-cord or button, and they should be huge enough and in an noticeable color for easy finding.

5. Avoid using marble and glazed tiles

As an instruction of thumb, look for slip-resilient tiles when it comes to your house flooring. Avoid granite, glazed tiles or marble, as these have a possibility of being slippery when polished. Consecutively in the similar vein, if your ageing parents have the practice of wearing slippers at home, make certain that they’re fine-fitted, and that the soles of these slippers offer the essential support and friction.

Furthermore, to assuring your household to be elder proof, if you are thinking of redecorating and redesigning to make your home more easy and comfortable for your parents, take time to read our article on 6 apps for homeowners that you might not knew you needed!

6 home renovation apps you didn’t know you needed

Ah, the amazement of technology. Either you want to have a capability to monitor your home by chance, preview what your barrier will look like in a positive color, or maintain track of your home maintenance function, there are several home renovation apps that will support you to do just that. For you to make sure that you have sufficient storage capacity in your phone, since you’re just going to download all of these very suitable home renovation apps!

1. Salient Eye

We all recognize that Singaporeans are definitely top at being kiasu (this means not wanting to lose out), nevertheless we’re a lovely kiasi (paranoid) group too. If you cannot view the thought of taking your house unoccupied and accessible whereas you and your partner are both at work, use the Salient Eye. This superb app allows you to monitor and see over your space by a mobile phone left at your home.

How make this home renovation app work? When the app senses motion in your home, it takes a photo of its location, and sends it through message in the text and email to the owner’s phone. You may be getting several false alarms if you have pets at home, nevertheless better safe than might!

Available on App Store and  Google Play.

2. iHandy Level

This smart app build a useful innovation in your phone’s built-in accelerometer to help you attach your frames and paintings properly. The home renovation app presents a fabulous digital display of the present angle in degrees, making droopy items a breeze and a bubble-level interface as well. We can practically hear all the stickler homeowners out there breathing in relief!

Available on App Store and  Google Play.

3. ColorSmart

Certainly, you can get paint samples from the store, but a color that appears best in a small handheld mark might not convert the same steps when it’s on various walls. This is particularly true if you’re going for brave colors, which may show too bright in a large number and dim colors, that may make your area feel confining.

The solution? ColorSmart! As a substitute of depending on your thoughts, use this home renovation app to take an image of your room and primarily show what it would look like in a different color. You won’t be needing to second-guess your preferred wall color ever again!

Available on App Store and  Google Play.

4. Nestr

The Singaporean- based application works line Tinder, but for central design. Rather than seeking for the love of your life, you’re seeking for your perfect home designs. First, sieve through all the possible bidders by financial plan and style. Then, it’s time to hit. As soon as you ‘alike’ a couple of your favorite developments, you can already get associated to the designers behind the designs. Asking for free quotations is quite simple, and can be accomplish with the tap of a switch!

Available on App Store and  Google Play.

5. Qanvast

Are you a passionate user of Pinterest? If so, you’ll acknowledge the homegrown Qanvast app, which allow you save local interior embellishment projects to your panel, and straightly shop the products and devices featured in these developments. Don’t have time to access individual designers to appeal for quotes? Easily post a public quote appeal on the application, and Qanvast will inform a relevant designer to get in communication with you. Interior design doesn’t take any more worry-free than this!

Available on App Store and  Google Play.

6. House Maintenance Schedule Pro

The floors need to be wiped every single day. The carpets need to be washed every two weeks. Your leather sofa needs to be vacuum every six months. By means of an boundless list of household duties, all persist at different pauses, it’s hard to keep mark of what needs to be finish, and when. Try out House Maintenance Schedule Pro.

Basically, input your entire home maintenance duties along with their regularities, and your choice of expected date indication. You’ll now be ready to keep the record, and stay on top of all your household tasks!

Available on Google Play.

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Martin Modern Price

Martin Modern  Floor Plan  Price  Location

Martin Modern Price is absolutely worth giving a try. It is hard for someone to miss to have this superb residenial condominium development that is well developed by an eminent developer such as Martin Modern. This property is attacked by numerous bidders. The top bidder is under Guocoland.

Martin Modern is one of the major location that are presented for sale and from now there will be full condominium facilities in the development. In addition, there will also be a rejuvenating swimming pool to pamper in a soothing swim after a long day from work or school. Function rooms to manage your very own birthday parties will also be abundantly.

GuocoLand give in to the highest bid for a major residential site at the site of River Valley Close and Martin Place. It presented $595.1 million for the approximately 1.6-hectare spot, which definitely means a price of $1,239 per sqft plan ratio (psf ppr). 

The second-highest offer stood at $588 million, and was offered by an association among Verwood Holdings, a unit of City Developments; Intrepid Investments, a unit of Hong Leong Holdings; Garden Estates and TID Residential.

Martin Modern Showflat VVIP Preview Registration

Unit Type:


I acknowledge and consent to be called and/or sent text /messages and email via the above mediums regarding Singapore New Launches in general (e.g. promotional offers, invitations to launches) at my telephone number(s) above



Sales Hotline: 6100 8806

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Martin Modern Location

Martin Modern  Floor Plan  Price  Location

Martin Modern Location presents a development that is definitely nearby wide array of amenities and reputable schools. This property is conveniently situated in main District 09, on Martin Place. It is sited exactly in River Valley area, a short 5-minute distance to the Central Business District and Orchard Road. This development is connected by Somerset MRT Station and the upcoming Great World City MRT Station, a section of the Thomson East-Coast Line (TEL). The TEL will take the residents straight to Orchard Road, The Marina Bay and CBD. Drivers can also use Central Expressway (CTE) for driving convenience to several parts of Singapore.

With its type after strategic site, there are prestigious educational establishments that offers excellent quality of education. These includes Chatsworth International School, Rivervalley Primary School, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and St Margaret's Primary School and numerous international schools. For the rental potential, one can take around 5 minutes’ drive to get through the business hub as well as the exciting Orchard Road Shopping District through the Arterial Roads.

Martin Modern is a tranquil location in an high-class residential territory in a most anticipated district. An extensive choice of dining, shopping and entertainment choices are accessible at Robertson Quay, Orchard Road and Great World City.

By being afforded the chance to bike and walk to a momentous array of recreational areas, pleasurable activities and junctures in the central area, future residents can relish the connectivity and comfort living in the Martin Modern community can propose.

Martin Modern Showflat VVIP Preview Registration

Unit Type:


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Sales Hotline: 6100 8806

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