Should you buy new condo or resale for investment? Which is a better choice? For resale, you will get an immediate rental, whereas for new launch, rental will only come after TOP. But still, why so many home buyers still prefer


Why Resale Prices stay Stagnant?

Resale Price generally stagnant over the years. Some of the contributing factors are

  • No Margin: Your neighbor who bought during the launch likely paid much lower than you. They can afford to sell lower, you can’t as your cost will be higher.
  • Those 99 years leasehold development will depreciate over the years. Read more on Bala Table
  • Low valuation: As most owners who bought during the launch has already made profit, they likely sell at a lower price, resulting in a lower valuation.


Case Study 1: Centris




Case Study 2: Cote D Azur





Case Study: The Queens Versus Commonwealth Tower


Queens Versus Commonwealth Tower


Commonwealth Tower

Case Study 4: Seaside Residences Versus Mandarin Gardens

Seaside Versus Mandarin Garden

Seaside Residences


Recommended Route for Investor: Ride the New Launch First Wave