Kismis Residences Floor Plan

Kismis Residences  Floor Plan  Price  Location

Kismis Residences Floor Plan has a broad area consist of 70.283 square feet. This property comprises 3-storey of a mixed residential development and 31 units of cluster landed housing. This area is situated in the Eng Kong Terrace/ Road, District 21, Singapore. This development is also next to private residential other.

Having the beauty of the amusing natural environment vicinity surrounding the unit will offer freshness and comfort to residents' home. The leafy green plants and the water features will provide positive atmosphere and energy throughout your day. This property is also situated in a serene residential area and near to various natural places such as Bukit Batok Nature Park, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, King Albert Park and Eng Kong Park.

This property has capacious units and high room layout which allows the residents to set their home with their stuff and furniture. These units are also well designed with excellent and contemporary architecture, in conformity with natural environment surrounding the area.

The ambiance in Kismis Residences is more joyous in the existence of fascinating facilities. Residents can also exercise and compete in the squash or tennis court. One can enjoy the rejuvenating fresh water in the pool as well as relaxing your body and mind in sauna treated well.

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Kismis Residences

Kismis Residences  Floor Plan  Price  Location

Kismis Residences is a new appealing development that is strategically located along Lorong Kismis in Bukit Batok New Town, District 21. In the location of Down Town Line, PIE, the condominium features fascinating facilities at the doorsteps and excellent connection to everywhere. The elegant forested front design figures a touch of luxury haven in the middle of rush bustle of city. At this property, comfort and ease come from the most authentic threads of nature.

This property is a freehold approaching development in Bukit Batok New Town, Singapore. Buckle down with exclusive location, right next to Toh Tuck well-known residential area, in the enclave of the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and a structure of shuttle Bus Services, this development is home of fascinating amenities and facilities such as Club House, Shopping Centres, Elite Restaurant and particularly the popular institutions that is treasured by the families who have school going kids.


Bundled particularly in an avenue with incredible three direction-facing scene of a huge greenery and the another head for rush bustle Pan Island Expressway (PIE), Kismis Residences presents a dream home that are greatly wanted after.

Residents can go out in just a few minutes drive from Kismis Residences, choice to relax, dine and enjoy in the place which is surrounded with numerous array of shopping malls. Have a joyous shopping experience with malls such as Beauty World Centre, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and Beauty World Plaza. Residents can pick for themselves with multi-level products, competitive prices and delightful services, naturally the paradise of everything that one's needs are here.

Kismis Residences has a location that will make residents' days easier and hassle free with all the fascinating facilities within the vicinity and also the numerous amenities surrounding the place. The Cheng Soon Playground is just a few minutes' drive if the residents would want to spend some quality time with their kids in the area of their house. Whereas, on the counter corner, if one would want to do some sports on their own, sports center like the Eng Kong Place Fitness Corner awaits here.

Residents can also have fun enjoying long walks and roaming around the parks which is in the middle of the nature such as King Albert Park, Eng Kong Park and Eng Kong Garden Playground.

Prestigious schools that offers quality education includes Methodist Girls' School, Bukit Timah Primary School, National Junior College, Nanyang Girls' High School and Anglo-Chinese School.

This property has a perfect area for it is located just close to the DTL Beauty World MRT Station, for the commuters to travel easier that pick the everyday means of transportation. From the residents new future home, the major points of attraction in the place can be reached just as stone throw away, making it more easier for residents to arrive to the Nigee Ann Polytechnic, SIM University, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Canadian International School.

Future residents can definitely experience an indulgence of living with exceptional conveniences at hand. Admire the beauty of life at a place of haven only here at Kismis Residences. Don’t miss the opportunity and grab your very own unit now at this terrific development.

Kismis Residences Location

Residents in this property can conveniently approach to all parts of Singapore by the help of the development's excellent connectivity. Close to about 800 meters in the Beauty World MRT Station that one will have hassle free and make it easier for the residents to reach the Newton MRT interchange, that is about 6 stops away. Future residents will also be connected to Botanic Gardens Interchange and Stevens MRT Interchange.

Driving along the Central Business District (CBD) only takes around 14 minutes whereas Orchard Shopping District is around 11 minutes’ drive. Connecting to several parts of the island through road is a breeze meanwhile residents can connect to the Bukit Timah Expressway through Pan Island Expressway.

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Nearby Attractions at Kismis Residences

Kismis Residences Nearby Transportation

Reputable Education Institutions

Other Amenities

  • King Albert Park MRT Stations
  • DTL Beauty World MRT Station
  • Pan Island Expressway (PIE)
  • Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE)
  • Methodist Girls' School
  • Bukit Timah Primary School
  • National Junior College
  • Nanyang Girls' High School
  • Anglo-Chinese School
  • Nigee Ann Polytechnic
  • SIM University
  • Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
  • Canadian International School
  • Orchard Shopping District
  • Central Business District (CBD)
  • Beauty World Centre
  • Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
  • Beauty World Plaza
  • Cheng Soon Playground
  • Eng Kong Place Fitness Corner
  • King Albert Park
  • Eng Kong Park
  • Eng Kong Garden Playground

Kismis Residences Floor Plan

Kismis Residences is a up-to-date landed cluster property development savoring a freehold tenure. This property consists of 31 total units. This set of cluster landed houses is conveniently located at Eng Kong Road/ Eng Kong Terrace in District 21, Singapore. It is situated close to Beauty World MRT Station for one that is taking public transports. Also, for drivers living here, they can safely travel through the expressways such as Bukit Timah Expressway and Pan Island Expressway that is just a few minutes drive to this landed development. Various amenities like food and beverage retail outlets, eateries, restaurants, supermarkets, food courts and other entertainment facilities that is just nearby the area.

Top 10 Reasons Why Kismis Residences?

  • Developed by an eminent developer Newfort Alliance (Kismis) Private Limited 
  • Proposed Strata Landed Development located at Eng Kong Terrace, Singapore
  • Freehold tenure condominium in District 21
  • Capacious layout of residential units
  • Fully furnushed finishing and fittings.
  • Kismis Residences come with a well-connected public transport system and road network, including PIE and BKE as well as Beauty World and King Albert Park MRT Stations.
  • Playgrounds such as Eng Kong, Cheng Soon and Toh Yi Garden Playgrounds.
  • Close to large parks and woodlands include Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Bukit Batok Park.
  • Proximity to renowned school, food and beverage retail outlets, eateries, restaurants, supermarkets, food courts and other entertainment facilities that is just nearby the area.
  • Minutes’ drive to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Beauty World Centre and Beauty World Plaza, as well as the CBD and Orchard Road.

Kismis Residences Details

Project Name:  Kismis Residences
Developer: Newfort Alliance (Kismis) Private Limited 
Description: Kismis Residences offers proximately 31 home choices with 3-5 bedrooms for your selection and boasts full condo-facilities
Address: 102 Lorong Kismis, Singapore
District: 21
Total Units: 31 units
Tenure: Freehold
Expected TOP: To be advised


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Sales Hotline: 6100 8806

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10 most common property renting mistakes and how to avoid them

Whether you were a young person trying to leave your folk's house and start living on your own, a college's student looking for a place to stay near your colleges or newly weds who are just looking for the right neighborhood to start their family. At some point in your life, you probably found yourself stuck between tough choices deciding which rental property is the most suitable for you, and chances are you have made one of the very common mistakes people make during the process of renting a property and regretted your choice. Well, not anymore. We are here for the rescue. We've managed to sum up ten of the most common mistakes made by tenants all the time. So, weather you have been fooled into renting bad conditioned properties under the influence of the sugar-coated propaganda of the landlord many times over,or you're a first-time renter, this guide is to protect you from wasting your money and compromise your comfort. We got your back.

1. Ignoring reading the tenancy agreement before signing it.

Skipping syllables in the tenancy agreement or ignoring reading it altogether might not be a wise move to make. Even thought tenancy agreements do follow a set standard, you might want to take a thorough look on the terms before signing it. It  might sound boring, but it's for your best interest to protect your investment. Needless to say, once you put your signature on that piece of paper, you are obliged by law to obey all the terms clauses included in the agreement so you will want to make sure that the landlord hasn't slid any unfair terms.

2. Verbal agreement don't count

Simply, you can't just trust the word of the word of the landlord when it comes to your money and comfort. Verbal agreements don't carry weight for their difficulty to be proven. So next time you draw a contract with the landlord, make sure to include all the terms you've orally agreed on before writing the agreement no matter how measly or unimportant it might sound. This way you protect your interest and guarantee your right. In case the two parties of the agreement came to any further agreements after they already drew the contract, the tenant should add an addendum to makes sure that both parties of the  agreement came to any further agreements after they already drew the contract, the tenant should add an addendum to make sure that both parties endorse it again. You might want to consider the fact the most of the tenancy agreements state that any prior understanding or verbal agreements that may have been made are invalid.

3. Misestimation of the rental budget

This mistake is common especially among the first-time tenants. When crunching the numbers to figure the cost of the rent, put into consideration the subsidiary cost such as the utilities, the groceries the minor repair…etc. This would help you have a better idea whether or not you can afford what you're signing up for.

4. Not giving much time to thoroughly view the property 

In the middle of the enthusiastic atmosphere created by viewing potential homes, one might turn a blind eye to the detail that might give them second thoughts regarding the renting. Try to maintain your calmness to help yourself form a more objective opinion about the place and have a better judgement. Make sure that all the appliances and household goods function properly. Take into account how far the place is located from your work and other places that you visit frequently.

5. Not documenting the state of the property when first moving in

In the light of protecting your right, documenting the condition of the place when you first move in is a necessary step to avoid unnecessary disputes by the end of the lease over the lease over the cause of any damages in the property which might have been already there before you moved in.What's a better and more explicit way to document the state of the property than using your phone camera? Make sure to go through every corner in the place and take pictures of damaged stuff to keep yourself on the safe side.

6. Accepting the terms without a fight

Calm down and throw down the gauntlet. No one will fight here. It's a figure of speech. What we meant here is that you are not obliged to sign up for the rental if some of the terms in the tenancy agreement just don't go along with what you have in mind. You have the right to negotiate the terms that you see unfair. Some of terms on the lease agreement are flexible and can be changed to your will. So, don't give up easily.

7. Don't miss out on renters' insurance

It's important for you to know that the insurance that the landlord has for his property does not cover your property. So, you might want to get a renter's insurance to save yourself thousands of dollars in case some mishaps happens to your property.

8. Focusing on square footages instead in the layout

When comparing between units to rent based on the area, number are not necessarily something to make into consideration. For example, a place with a large square footages, but a poor layout and wasted space on unnecessary features is evidently less efficient than a place with an adequate square footage and an efficient layout to allow you to use the most of the space. If you could have a look on the layout of the property, give it priority over numbers.

9. Ignoring or delaying damages reports to the landlord

Landlord count on the tenant to report any defects in the property as they arise to prevent further complications in the long term. Fixing the issue in earlier stages saves money. The longer you ignore the problem, the worse and costlier it gets.

10. Validation of the landlord's ownership of the property

Make sure  you're dealing in person with the owner of the property you're interested in or a legal representative. In previous incidents, people who made this mistake ended up left with no resources and evicted since they had no legal contract with the owner of the property. You can check whether or not you're actually dealing with the real owner of the property through the Singapore Land  Authority's MyProperty Services. It has a detailed database of the properties owned by them. By doing so you can ending up out of security deposit or out of money as as well.

With that being said, you are now prepared with sufficient knowledge to guarantee yourself a secure and successful renting process. You can find amazing rentals on Good luck! 

SP Setia Puts in a Million Dollar Bid for a Singapore Property

SP Setia has set the bar for its competitors in a recent Singapore property bid. The Malaysian property developer bid against twenty-four hopefuls for property located in Toh Tuck.

This result comes as a surprise to property analysts. The majority expected the Toh Tuck plot to garner the highest bid of S$750 per square foot. Analysts have estimated the property to gather a maximum of sixteen bidders.

However, SP Setia topped the bid at a handsome sum of S$265 million, making each square foot worth S$939. This price is approximately 25% higher than the predicted price.

Companies close to sealing the deal are Singaporean property developer Singhaiyi Investments and commercial real estate developer Centrex Developments. The said companies bids are S$ 260.2 million and S$250.9 million respectively.

 The plot is 18,721.4 square meters. Once developed, the property is expected to contain 325 units. 

SP Setia released a statement waiting for a receipt for the final tender amount from Bursa Malaysia Securities on April 12. The Toh Tuk lot bidding is noted to garner the second highest number of bids for a  residential government land sales tender since 2009. 

The Toh Tuk acquisition marks SP Setia's first foray into the Singapore property market. The Malaysian developer specializes in property development, construction & infrastructure, and wood-based manufacturing & trading.

As of this writing, it is not yet known what SP Setia has in store for their latest acquisition. 

6 ways to entertain your children when house hunting

Keeping the children entertained while house hunting can be a chore

Children and house hunting? They don’t absolutely go together. But if you’re this near to catch your ideal estate, and you’ve be out of trying to get your parents/fellow workers/friends to take care of your kids, there’s nobody else to do but to take your kids on for a joyride.

Can’t figure out the thought of having to juggle your kids while house hunting? You would be better bring your a-game, since there’s no more depressing to sellers than misbehaving, noisy children and parents who let them rush without a care in the world.

Need to learn how to bring your kids to behave properly, so that you don’t end up annoying the proprietor of your probable new home? Here’s how:

1. Tire them out the night before

The night earlier you go house hunting, call off their bedtime and let them stay awake till all hours however late they want. The following day, they’ll perhaps be sleepy and taking naps all over the whole day. As soon as you reach a new house, just deposit them over the couch, make sure they’re relaxed and comfortable, and then continue to tour the house with no worry. Mission accomplished! Less hassle.

2. Bribe them

But not with candy and sweets– because they will eat it immediately, they’ll more than probably become even more hyper due to the sugar haste. You surely don’t want them to run around the house leaving the annoying sticky fingerprints around the furniture!
Instead, tell them that at the end of the day, you will take them to their favorite restaurant and that they can eat and order everything they want – as long as they will behave well all over!

3. Involve them in the process

Encourage your child to ask questions to the property holder about the house, and let them to look around the room that would possibly be theirs.

WARNING: this is best suitable to well-behaved and matured kids. If your kids have the tendency of getting too attached to places or people, don’t do this and unintentionally cause a scene where your kid is point-blank asserting that you buy the place instantly.

4. Trick them with an puzzling game

“Hey, kids, I bet you cannot count how many squares are there in the lounge. I even couldn’t get it correctly, it’s certainly tricky!”
Your kids will definitely spend a good half hour gazing around, glancing their eyes, and debating along if the coffee table with round ends still counts as a square.

5. Pit them against to each other

Don’t ever underestimate on how wise and competitive kids can get.

Tell your kids that the proprietors said that his kid look like a quiet kid and well-behaved, but that your kid seems like they would be hard to handle. Then whisper to them in a low voice telling, as if in assurance, that you totally know that’s certainly not true, because they’re super behaved too.

Rinse and repeat to though several kids are present – and see as they miraculously transform into very good children who will never make a peep.

6. Let them borrow your tablet /  phone / other electronic device

If all these fails… you already know what to do.

House hunting was a great accomplishment? Before you bind to that dream home of yours, do check out our guides on property errors that Singaporeans make, on vital questions to ask before determining what property to purchase, and on key process you need to take before purchasing any property!