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Nowadays, with the advancement in the technology, smart designing is almost becoming a very important part of life. Designing of the products smartly from macro level (use of the data analytics by the architects to design such flats which are capable of dissipating heat), and also from micro level (such as designing of the smart homes as well as applications of the smart homes which are capable of added convenience in the lives of people). In the following section of this reading you will be reading about more projects related to the smart design wave in Singapore, and also the pros and cons of the smart homes will also be discussed.

Smart Home Projects: Current and Future

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There are some of the smart home projects which are working nowadays include My Smart HBD Home at Yuhua as well as Visionaire at Sembawang. Other than these projects, there are some future projects including Punggol and Northshore Residence BTO are also meant to be smart home projects.

What are the specifications of Smart Homes?

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The key feature of the smart homes includes the smart home owner using various features of the house through a remote from the point where he is at. This includes the control of automatic doors as well as air conditioning. Smart lighting concept is also being used in many of the smart homes projects, which is actually a movement controlled lighting.

Other than that, smart homes are also capable of keeping their maintenance up to date, having a function which permits the home owner to check the wastage as well as the power usage of the house. The function enables the trigger to alert the owner in case of any water leakage or whenever servicing of any part of the house is due, and also detecting the temperature increase in the house.

These features of the smart homes enable the home owner to live their life without any worry. Those people living in condominiums, they can also enjoy the facility of the access of the concierge services just by using the smart home app.

Expenditures of Getting a Smart Home 

For getting a smart home at Northshore Residence, you should have about $28,000 which includes the housing grants. This smart home includes the two-room units, and if you go for five room units, it will cost $354,000. The units at Northshore Residence are 8-20 percent costlier in comparison to the units which were previously launched at Punggol. This is may be because of the waterfront location of the Northshore’.

And if we talk about the Visionaire, which is considered as the Executive Condominium, there are additional costs due to the inclusion of some smart home features approximately by $6,500 – $8,000. And for the people who don’t want these extra features of smart home, they are allowed to go for it and pay less.

Security and Privacy Concerns of Smart Homes

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When we talk about the security, smart homes provide the best feeling to their residents mentally as well as physically. The built-in sensors in the house will protect any of the unexpected movement in the house, which might be because of any intruder.

Smart home technology is pretty new, that is why it is very much vulnerable to viruses as well as hacking. So, in order to avoid such kind of things, the owners of the smart homes should try using the most secured passwords, using a strong combination, and also updating their passwords regularly.

The Asia’s smart home market is expected to grow at about US $115 million by the year of 2030. So, smart homes are here in any case. So, this is the time to start embracing the smart home technology, and all the features to change life that they bring.