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Concerns of Current Buyers & Sellers

  • Will Prices goes Up or Down?
  • Should i wait for Developer to drop their prices?
  • With the economy unstable, is it safe to upgrade or buy now?




What is the Direction of the Property Market in Singapore?




New Private Home Sales post surprise rebound





URA PPI Q2 2020

Private Home Prices up 0.3

Price Statistics

2nd Quarter 2020 private home prices rose 0.3%, compared to -1% in Q1 2020






URA Private Residential Property Price Index from 2000 to 2020

URA Property Price Index






Non-Landed Private Homes, Average New Sales Price Jan to Jun 2020

Average New Sale Prices






Non-Landed Private Homes, Average Resale Price Jan to Jun 2020

Averale Resale Prices





Government Measures and How it affect the Property Prices?

Property Cooling Measures






Indicators to Enter Market?

  • Transaction VolumeĀ 
  • Land Sales
  • GDP Versus PPI
  • Employment Versus PPI
  • Interest Rate Versus PPI
  • STI Versus PPI


Transaction Volume Indicator

Transaction Volume



Land Sales – All Time Low

Private Housing Supply Cut



GDP Versus PPI

GDP versus PPI





Unemployment Versus PPI

Unemployment versus PPI




Interest Rate Versus PPI

Interest Rate Versus PPI



STI Versus PPI

STI Versus PPI



Learn from the Master

Warren Buffet

Emotion Cycle


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