Laguna Park @ Phuket is a residential sanctuary that will rise near the majestic beaches of Phuket, Thailand. This project is actually sitting near Laguna Phuket, an integrated resort where there are tons of hotels, spas, restaurants, residences, golf course and other facilities. 

Laguna Park @ Phuket is developed by the infamous Laguna property. It covers a land area of more than 84,800 square meters and houses 250 units (phase 1 only). The unit mix for this project includes standard townhouses, corner townhouses and villas.  The buildings are freehold while the land is tied up with a 30-year leasehold.

The standard townhouses of Laguna Park @ Phuket are suitable for small sized families, couples or individuals who seek a modern and compact vacation house. Their build-up size is about 173 square meters while their land size is around 88 square meters. 

Laguna Park @ Phuket

What is interesting about the standard townhouses is that the third floor area can be reinvented or redesigned to suite the lifestyle or preferences of the residents. Say for example, a pool can be added their or a barbecue area. Some may also add a bedroom or a living room there.

Corner townhouses are also available. This type of unit is similar to standard houses but larger. Another thing is, they also has a side lawn. Because of its size, corner houses are preferable for medium-sized families. The land size for corner houses is 140 square meters and their build up is 192 square meters.

What about those with large family size or those with multigenerational family size? Well, Laguna Park @ Phuket offers three-storey villas that are very spacious and practical for such type of family structure. These villas have a maid’s quarter, multiple living spaces, four bedrooms and an additional space where a fifth room can be added.

Just like the townhouses, the third floor of the villas can also be customized to suite the resident’s preferences. The build-up size for the villas is 340 square meters and the land size they each cover is around 260 square meters.

There is always something to look forward to when living at Laguna Park @ Phuket. Aside from the recreational and leisure activities that nearby beach resorts, spas, gold course and shopping village offers, residents can also dwell for learning at schools close by or maybe avail health packages at world class hospitals nearby. 

Phuket International airport is not far from Laguna Park @ Phuket. One can access it in just 20 minutes drive! So, what are you waiting for? Invest at Laguna Park @ Phuket now and take that first trip to paradise!


Laguna Park @ Phuket Location

Laguna Park @ Phuket is situated next to Laguna Phuket in Thailand. Laguna Phuket is known to be an Integrated resort where five star hotels, spas, shopping villages, residential facilities, bars, restaurants and a golf course are highly concentrated. 

The area is very near Phuket International Airport. The airport is just around 15-20 minutes drive away, depending on road condition. Shopping malls, world class hospitals and renowned schools are also near Laguna Park @ Phuket. Yes, everything that one needs is just right outside the doors of this magnificent masterpiece!

Location Map

Laguna Park @ Phuket


Nearby Attractions @Laguna Park @ Phuket

Nearby Transportation

Reputable Education Institutions

Other Amenities

  • Shuttle Boats
  • Buses
  • Cherng Thalay Wittayakom School
  • Spas
  • Shopping Malls
  • Shopping Villas
  • Bars
  • Boutique shops
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • International Airport
  • Resort golf


Laguna Park @ Phuket floor Plan

Laguna Park @ Phuket covers a land area of around 84,800 square meters or 912,779 square feet. It consist of three types of residential houses namely standard townhouses, corner townhouses and villas. 

The standard townhouses have a build-up size of 173 sqm and a land size of 88sqm. The corner townhouses have a build up size of 192 sqm and a land size of 140 sqm. Lastly, the villas have a build up size of 340 sqm and a land size of 260 sqm.

All types of units have a customizable third floor where an additional bedroom or leisure space can be added to suite the preferences or lifestyle of the owners.  

Laguna Park @ Phuket Sitemap


Top 10 Reason why Buy Laguna Park @ Phuket?

  • Residents will get to own a Laguna privilege card. The card offers access and discounts to facilities covered within Laguna Phuket
  • Compact yet spacious units
  • Trusted and talented developer
  • Near the beach
  • Serene environment
  • Near schools and hospitals
  • Just 20 minutes drive to airport
  • Wide range of units to suite varying preferences
  • High returns


Laguna Park @ Phuket Project Details

Project Name:  Laguna Park @ Phuket 
Developer: Laguna Property
Description: A residential development that encloses standard townhouses, corner townhouses and villas.
Address: Phuket, Thailand
District: Next to Laguna Phuket (An Integrated Resort)
Total Units: 250 units (Phase 1)
Tenure: Buildings are freehold while the land has a 30 year leasehold (renewable)
Expected TOP: TBA
Unit Mix: Standard Townhouses (88 sqm)- build-up: 173 sqm
Corner Townhouses (140 sqm)- build-up: 192 sqm
Villas (260 sqm)- build-up: 340 sqm


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