• Paying into a New Price Tag
  • Paying into a higher PSF
  • Paying for a Smaller Unit in Sizes
  • Getting Lesser Profit


Should you Buy into Old or New Price Tag?

Indicative Price Index



Land Sales for 2021


Land Sales 2021


CCR Land Bid for last 5 years


CCR Land Bids


RCR Land Sites


RCR Land Bid


OCR Land Bids


OCR Land Bids


Balance Unsold Supply


Balanced Unsold Supply


Current Versus Future Price

(CCR versus OCR Gap Narrowing)

CCR Versus OCR Land Bids



RCR Versus OCR Land Bids

RCR Versus OCR and Bids



Land Bids Differences between Perumal and Northumberland

Northumerland Site Breakeven


Land Bid Prices at Tanah Merah


End up Paying More While Waiting?

Eco – Launch in 2012, Average $1250 for 3 bedrooms



The Glades, Launch in 2013, Average $1500psf for 3 bedrooms

The Glades



Rise in Construction Cost

Rise in Construction Cost