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This was a “consequence” when the firefighting vehicle was unable to get into The Peak @ Toa Payoh following a fire right at the HDB unit last August. 

Housing and Development Board(HDB) developments with no entry or exit signage were requested to display those signages, published by The Strait Times.

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The action was the result of a fire at HDB unit in August. The fire truck happened to get in through the exit which has a narrow road, not enough clearance and turning radius. Per record, the development was built way back in 2012, with no entrance or exit noticeboard and the Fire Code was only implemented in 2018.

When the sun rose on August 29, there was this fire right at Block 138C, Lorong 1A Toa Payoh. Three people were rushed to the hospital for medical intervention, both undergoing smoke inhalation and burns in some parts of their bodies. And there were less than 300 people secured in a safe place.


The fire started in a unit on the 20th level and quickly rolls to the 21st level.

The SCDF and Singapore Civil Defense Force divulged that 10 more firefighter trucks that responded reached the fire scene easy and quick via that specified emergency car entrance.

The SCDF explained that they are joining forces with HDB to put the signages for the specified points of entry and exit of The Peak and this goes to all of the HDB projects that don’t have signages yet.

SCDF added that during the fire incident, the unit’s wet riser malfunctioned.

Per standing operation procedure(SOP), SCDF right away deploys water jets and hose reels during firefighting operations, it told as quoted by the prestigious The Strait Times.

With the failure of the wet riser, SCDF clarifies that firefighters quickly and effectively kill the fire via hose reels.

While SCDF requested Bishan-Toa Payoh Town Council to solve the malfunction issue of the wet riser of the whole block, side by side they will conduct an investigation and will take action for whoever is responsible for the lapses.

Meanwhile, the district council explained that the wet riser has undergone the inspection by fire protection personnel following the August 29th fire and recommended it as ” working well.”

In fact, the system was thoroughly examined by the assigned contractors three days prior to the 29th August fire and concluded as “in order.”

Having this investigation result, the engineer has been requested by the district’s town council to find out the reason for the emptying wet riser during the incident.

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