1) Buy into BIG development with at least 200+ units

  • Transactions push up property prices

Big Development (e.g. Seaside Residences D15)

Seaside Residences Price Chart

Seaside Residences Transacted Prices

Small Development (e.g. Sunnyvale Residences D15)

Sunnyvale Residences Price Chart

Sunnyvale Residences Transacted Price


Small Development (e.g. The Verv at RV D9)

The Verv at RV Price Chart The Verv at RV Transacted Prices


2) Buy During Preview (or near Initial Launch)

  • More Units, Developer has more room to play with pricing (Staging of pricing)
  • More developments see profit even before TOP


Case Study: Kingsford Waterbay

Kingsford Waterbay Property Price Index Kingsford Waterbay Transacted Price


Case Study: Sims Urban Oasis

Sims Urban Oasis Property Price Index Sims Urban Oasis Transacted Price


Buy when there’s undersupply

Time The Market

Dwindling Stock