Cluster house

Cluster house

Cluster homes are better option in the new age living.  One of the benefits of owning a cluster home is it has good resale value. You get high returns on your investment. According to the real estate transactions in the recent time, 99 year leasehold cluster homes were sold more than the reselling price of standard leasehold commercial properties.

It is really hard to predict the selling prices of the property because the price deciding factors are not known. However, it is believed that cluster homes get better price because the home buyers consider it safe living place and good investment option. Likewise cluster homes are believed to get good rental price. In the real estate market, cluster houses have been able to receive a big capital growth.

According to SLP International’s report, investment in 99-year leasehold cluster home increased by 20.1 percent, whereas the increment in standard leasehold landed homes or commercial properties was just about 15.1 percent.

Cluster homes are also giving good return in investment compared to standard private homes.

Some current cluster housing on the market include Belgravia Green, Parkwood Collection and One Tree Hill Collection.