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Top FAQs Objection Handling

I'm not in a hurry.
Do you know the price of waiting just within 2 years? You easily have to pay $100k to $200k or more for the same size, same location. Refer to Impact of Land Condo Price Tag Versus Land Cost
My property already fully paid. Don't want to stress myself over paying mortgage
Do you know a property other than being a home can be a good investment as well? Its never about you, its about planning for your next generation. Refer to Purpose of Real Estate.
Now the property prices so high. How to buy?
Mr Buyer, have you heard before property prices is often about Demand and Supply?  Refer to Timing the Market 
Does Size really matters buy buy property for investment?
Why do some people never make money when they buy real estate?

It really depends on which point did you enter in that particular cycle. Take Cycle 2 for example, if you enter in 2014 Q4, which is the high point, you will realise you are entering in future price, which only reverts to that pricing 3 years later in 2018.

By then, there will be other newer alternatives that are priced correctly in that cycle that will take your demand away.  Thus, your price is unable to increase and remains stagnant and flat.

(Anchor) As such, it is my job as your realtor to be able to catch the right timing using demand and supply numbers, to catch the right point in the cycle. Refer to Timing the Market


I prefer to buy resale as i can get immediate rental wyild New Launch Cannot

As you can see, despite having the rental, you are just offsetting the cost which results in a zero sum game. Purchasing a new launch will buy you an opportunity to earn 200K, while resale wouldn’t. You can still achieve the same effect as you can rent out your NL after TOP.

Why would you want to shortchange yourself by having a zero-sum plan when you can actually leverage on opportunities? Real estate is about appreciation isn’t it? With appreciation gives you margin  Margin gives you options  Options = Luxury

With the zero sum game, it doesn’t leave you with any options, but only bad taste in the mouth when you sell.

Refer to New Launch Versus Resale

I want to wait for price to drop. No Hurry.

Cooling measures is to buffer from the unprecedented market like COVID. 8 rounds of cooling measures to ensure that consumers are not over leverage, income aligned with home prices.

The difference between now and then is exactly this 10 rounds of cooling measures. Proven that it is essential, Singaporeans are now confident of the government policies and market support. If there is no cooling measures, I will definitely tell to wait. That is why I am confident to ask you to enter as an agent now.

What will the government do if the prices drop below a certain percentage? (Ease to stimulate the market)

That is the reason why there will be no crash. In fact, as stated in the Essentials, our unsold inventory is getting low. In terms of real estate dynamics and numbers, we are supposed to be heading for a recovery. By right prices should be on an uptrend by now, but because of the COVID, the uptrend got delayed and you are presented with another OPPORTUNITY!

Better to buy Resale as low psf and size better

Just like stocks, why would people still buy Apple stocks despite they are significantly higher than penny stocks? Because they know eventually Apple stocks have more confidence to appreciate while penny stocks has an uncertainty of breaking through.

Same applies for Property! Would you want to go into an asset class that is appreciating or one that stay stagnant?

With Property Price Index being at record high now, you will go in at a wrong entry price with you having to pay the highest in the development. Couple with current high interest rate, the rate of you losing money is high.For you to enter is easy, but exit is difficult. New Launch Versus Resale.



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