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Ah, the amazement of technology. Either you want to have a capability to monitor your home by chance, preview what your barrier will look like in a positive color, or maintain track of your home maintenance function, there are several home renovation apps that will support you to do just that. For you to make sure that you have sufficient storage capacity in your phone, since you’re just going to download all of these very suitable home renovation apps!


1. Salient Eye

salient eye app

We all recognize that Singaporeans are definitely top at being kiasu (this means not wanting to lose out), nevertheless we’re a lovely kiasi (paranoid) group too. If you cannot view the thought of taking your house unoccupied and accessible whereas you and your partner are both at work, use the Salient Eye. This superb app allows you to monitor and see over your space by a mobile phone left at your home.

How make this home renovation app work? When the app senses motion in your home, it takes a photo of its location, and sends it through message in the text and email to the owner’s phone. You may be getting several false alarms if you have pets at home, nevertheless better safe than might!


2. iHandy Level

ihandy level app

This smart app build a useful innovation in your phone’s built-in accelerometer to help you attach your frames and paintings properly. The home renovation app presents a fabulous digital display of the present angle in degrees, making droopy items a breeze and a bubble-level interface as well. We can practically hear all the stickler homeowners out there breathing in relief!


3. ColorSmart

colorsmart app

Certainly, you can get paint samples from the store, but a color that appears best in a small handheld mark might not convert the same steps when it’s on various walls. This is particularly true if you’re going for brave colors, which may show too bright in a large number and dim colors, that may make your area feel confining.

The solution? ColorSmart! As a substitute of depending on your thoughts, use this home renovation app to take an image of your room and primarily show what it would look like in a different color. You won’t be needing to second-guess your preferred wall color ever again!


4. Nestr


Nestr App

The Singaporean based application works line Tinder, but for central design. Rather than seeking for the love of your life, you’re seeking for your perfect home designs. First, sieve through all the possible bidders by financial plan and style. Then, it’s time to hit. As soon as you ‘alike’ a couple of your favorite developments, you can already get associated to the designers behind the designs. Asking for free quotations is quite simple, and can be accomplish with the tap of a switch!


5. Qanvast

qanvast app

Are you a passionate user of Pinterest? If so, you’ll acknowledge the homegrown Qanvast app, which allow you save local interior embellishment projects to your panel, and straightly shop the products and devices featured in these developments. Don’t have time to access individual designers to appeal for quotes? Easily post a public quote appeal on the application, and Qanvast will inform a relevant designer to get in communication with you. Interior design doesn’t take any more worry-free than this!


6. House Maintenance Schedule Pro

House Maintenance Schedule

The floors need to be wiped every single day. The carpets need to be washed every two weeks. Your leather sofa needs to be vacuum every six months. By means of an boundless list of household duties, all persist at different pauses, it’s hard to keep mark of what needs to be finish, and when. Try out House Maintenance Schedule Pro.

Basically, input your entire home maintenance duties along with their regularities, and your choice of expected date indication. You’ll now be ready to keep the record, and stay on top of all your household tasks!

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