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There are some excellent property deals in Orchard Area/ District 9 if you just figure out where to look. “Write an evaluation of affordable housing in the Orchard area”, they said, and I said to them that was honestly a funny joke. But it goes out they were serious, so I jabbed around for units you can manage to pay for, perhaps with just 2 or 3 years of trafficking firearms to Nicaraguan warlords. On the positive aspect, even the lowest price units in District 9 are pretty luxurious:


1. Robin Residences

Robin Residences

Location: 1 Robin Drive

Condo details: Studio apartment, Freehold, 409 sqft, $970,000

Robin Residences is just a 3 minutes’ drive from District 9, Orchard Road and it only costs $970,000 you’ll be tough pressed to look for a low-priced freehold unit nearby Orchard.

Robin Residences bucks the tendency that a lot of developers follow in District 9, Orchard Area (which is to figure as huge as possible, because they expect that buyers here have an limitless budget). This property should target young professionals who can pay for a condominium and don’t have plans having a family at any moment soon.

As a freehold unit along Orchard, it can also be a stepping stone and is possible to acknowledge by the moment you move on to greater things.

Buy if:
You are a single who blooms on entertainment and shopping, and want to live nearby Orchard Road. Property-owners willing to take a long-term outlook may also be involved; right now, District 9’s rental fee is about $4 per sqft, so it’s probable to be an obligation until things pick up. Nevertheless, there is always great demand for Orchard area’s properties over the long run.

2. Espada


Location: 48 Saint Thomas Walk

Condo details: Studio apartment, Freehold, 377 sqft, $1 million

Espada has an incredible location for its worth, being just a stone throw away from the MRT Station like Somerset. Though individual units are small, it is still a complete suite condominium with excellent facilities; from a jacuzzi to gym to a children’s playground. Indeed, that last one doesn’t make sense, since at 377 sqft it’s difficult to nurture any number of kids greater than zero. Nevertheless, maybe visiting relatives’ kids can use it or somewhat. You also need to take note that it is a freehold property in District 9.

Buy if: 
You have no plan of settling down for a year’s yet, or want a benefit you can rent out once you decided to move on to another place. It’s also good for compulsive shoppers because this can wipe out one’s wallet twofold over on the way home once living here.

3. Sophia Hills

Sophia Hills

Location: 11 Mount Sophia

Condo details:  Studio apartment, 99-year leasehold, 463 sqft, $1 million

Sophia Hills is conveniently located at the heart of Dhoby Ghaut, this is practically near to Orchard Road (around 5 minutes’ drive if without traffic). It also seats you near to Plaza Singapura, and sensibly close to the amenities of Little India.

One possible downside is the traffic. This portion of Dhoby Ghaut have a tendency to experience queues, so you’ll have to persistent driving home. Or you’ll just go home at an off-peak time.

Buy if: 
If you don’t mind bustle and noise, this is a great place to live. Dhoby Ghaut is excellently developed with numerous array of amenities, and it’s near enough to Orchard that you can conveniently drive down in just minutes. Closeness to Plaza Singapura is a great plus, since that shopping mall has a very good mix of dining, retail as well as entertainment (there’s a fabulous cinema there too).


4. Aspen Linq

Location: 15 Institution Hill

Condo details: (2 bathrooms, 1 bedroom) 999-year leasehold, 775 sqft, $1.15 million

See the unit in number 2? This unit would be a greater complement to it, for just $150,000 more. This property is also near to Somerset MRT Station, thus Orchard Central and 313 are just a few minutes’ drive. Also, it is a 3-minute walk to Killiney Road and River Valley. For those residents who work in the Central Business District (CBD), this is a convenient and perfect location: near to significant amenities, and to your work place.

Although it’s a 1-bedroom unit, take note the important size (duplex unit, 775 sqft). This is a convenient and comfortable sized home for a couple.

Buy if:
You’re a couple that is both working in CBD and want to be able to wake up last-minute for work in the Central Business District. For new families, there’s St. Margaret’s Primary School and River Valley nearby.

5. 38 Jervois

38 Jervois

Location: 38 Jervois Road

Condo details: (2 bathrooms, 1 bedroom) Freehold, 474 sqft, $1.08 million

Some people will say that this is precisely not near enough to Orchard Area. Well it’s still located in district 9 and it’s near enough; also, we want to demonstrate you this overwhelming deal for $1.08 million.

A freehold unit nearby Great World City, Valley Point Shipping Centre and Tanglin Mall. Through the MRT, it’s just 3 stops away from the Orchard Road. By riding a car it’s not more than 5 minutes to Orchard, and around 5 minutes to the Central Business District.

This property is nearby a landed development enclave, and the roads here are typically quite clear. Residents won’t have to struggle with the traffic circumstances that outbreaks the developments nearer to Orchard area (you’ll be thankful for that on weekends).

Buy if: 
You want a deal between a tranquil area, and living nearby the city center. Long period gratitude is also possible, given the scarcity of freehold units in major locations.